Powerful Product Catalogue

Encountra Provides a powerful Product Catalogue Engine which supports any number of products and can be divided into category and subcategory groups. An extensive pricing model is also provided.

Product Categories and Sub Categories

The product categories provide functionality for descriptions, related articles, an associated PDF catalogue, HTML details and up to six different images. There is even an option to turn the category on or off or to limit it to view by certain member groups only. An external code is also available for integration purposes. The sub categories provide similar functionality.


A comprehensive product file is available. This provides over 50 fields which include:
  • Descriptions
  • Details
  • Search summary and keywords
  • Various codes such as tag, family and bar code
  • Various flags such as hot, new, special, coming soon
  • multiple product images
  • multiple pricing fields and calculation options
  • specials pricing with expiry dates
  • custom fields
  • Rich text features, benefits, applications and specifications.
  • Qty available and on order, eith expected arrival.
  • Multiple style, colour, size and price options

Product Importer

A generic product importer is also available which can be used to import products from a back end system directly into the product tables on the web server. If necessary this can be customised to your specific requirements.

Quoting Subsystem

Encountra also provides a quoting subsytem for the product catalogue. This is similar to a cart and order system and allows your customer's to create quotes for their own customer's. These quotes can be stored in folders and added to as needed. The user can see both the retail and their own purchase price for products. Depending on the functionality you need this can be extended to provided printable quotes in HTML or PDF. An advanced extension would allow you to confirm or add to their quotes thus providing an opportunity to work in collaboration.

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