Client Membership

The membership support module allows you to make web pages accessbile to member groups only, using a login and password. Multiple members and member groups are supported and content can be made available any or all of these. This content can also include customised functionality created for your business.


If your site allows then members can sign up for access by filling in a registration form and clicking on a confirmation link in an email sent to them. this will give them default membership access. The default access can be altered from the management console for each member. Alternatively, staff and other known members such as customer's can be set up directly from the console.

Member Access

When the member logs in they are normally redirected to a welcome page or a my account page when they log in. In addition they can normally change their own details, subscriptions and passwords etc. If you have a shopping cart activated then the members can see previous orders and delivery and other address details.

Customised Functionality

When logged in members have access to the functionality provided by you as part of their membership. In the past we have created applications such as a software licensing module, sales lead tracking module, help desk and online support module and even a online recipe costing system.

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Encountra supports four levels of visitor tracking and analysis. At its simplest level this provides an audit trail for visitors logging in to members sections and the administration console. As Encountra sites run under Microsoft IIS you can also use any third party product which examines the IIS traffic logs. In addition...

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