Portfolio and Catalogue

Portfolio Module

Encountra provides a detailed portfolio module which includes the ability to have multiple portfolio sections in your site and easily assign items to each one. This module allows the author to create portfolio entries in a simple data-entry fashion, without the need to format individual items for display on the web site.

Each portfolio item features the following:

  • A base section containing, heading, menu caption, thumbnail and content image, HTML Introduction and HTML details.
  • Up to ten custom named fields.
  • Multiple detail images which can be used for a gallery.
  • Multiple additonal detail sections which can be user defined such as links to "data sheets", "video clips" etc.

The Content management system then extracts, formats and produces the neccessary pages for display on the web site. In this fashion the portfolio manager provides ease of use and ensures consistency between portfolio items. The portfolio can be configured with summary pages by category and detail pages for each portfolio item. A page could also be created showing all portfolio items and details.

Catalogue Module

The encountra content management system also provides an online catalogue module which allows you to create a list of catalogues which can be displayed on your site. Each catalogue features a heading, caption, thumbnail and main image. A detailed introduction is also provided and links for PDF, document, web site and page flipping tool.
The catalogue module can be configured to display a page featuring all catalogues in the order in which you wish them to appear, or with a summary page and multiple pages for each individual catalogue.
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Did You Know...

Encountra provides a number of different options for publishing and approving your content. Which method you choose will largely depend on how large your site is, how many people may be editing the content and what level of control you want over approving and checking content before it is made 'live'. They include Instant Visibility, Manual Status Change, Review Panel and Whole Site Publication.

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