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Encountra provide a powerful e-commerce solution with an exceptional online sales model including a comprehensive product catalogue system, full shopping cart and integration with a number of third-party payment gateways.

Product Catalogue

The product catalogue provides enough functionality to manage product lists over thousands of products. This is discussed in more detail here.

Shopping Cart

The visitor can add products to a shopping cart, view the cart, update the cart and move from the cart to a checkout. The product systems is comprehensive enough to support multiple pricing and discount levels for different members groups and drop down options for style, colour and size if the products require this. The shopping cart will also calculate freight on the order, and on individual products if necessary.

Membership System

All purchasers can elect to become members of the site and receive additional discounts, subscribe to publications, view previous orders and access the vouchers system. So as not to detract from the purchase, this signup is optional and can be done at any stage, including after an order is placed.

Vouchers system

A voucher system is also available which allows a registered member to select from a number of available vouchers which they can then use at their leisure. The vouchers can consist of a promotional code, a single use online voucher or a single use printed voucher which can be taken to a retail outlet. Voucher options can include specials on certain products or ranges, a discount on a whole order, a discount on orders greater than a certain amount. The discounts can be calculated as a dollar amount or a percentage, including a limit. All vouchers carry an expiry date.

Customer Orders

The system provides functionality for orders that are delivery and pickup (if applicable). For delivery orders special instructions can be included by the user. Delivery details can be saved and updated for later use. Registered members can view their previous orders and use them for re-ordering if they wish.

Payment Gateways

Currently the Encountra system provides native gateways for Paypal and PaymentExpress. Please feel free to ask if you wish to use a different provider and we will integrate that with the system.

Order Processing

Email notifications can be set up for the site owner and customer when orders have been made. The order processing module allows you to view new, in progress and completed orders. At each stage notifications can be sent to the customer and to people within your own organisation. Processed orders provide a reference field for the credit card transaction, courier tracking number and accounting or ERP system order numbers. If required we can customise links back to your back-end systems for order integration.

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The latest version of Encountra provides addtional support for social network integration. Your content can be submitted to bookmarking sites, such as del.icio.us, Facebook, Twitter and you can also provide links to allow your visitors to follow or subscribe to those same services.

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